Do you have a property that needs to be upgraded through non-structural measures?

To enhance your property, refurbish it and give it a new look, whether you are using it as a family property or with a view to a future income, we can take care of home staging and restyling for you.

Without resorting to invasive interventions, it is possible to give your property a renewed look, through the optimisation of spaces, the purchase of new furnishings and strategic interior design.

  • On-site inspection and meeting with the client

  • Drawing up a preliminary project to check the existing fittings and the layout of the various furnishing accessories

  • Definition of the final design in 3D with details of the fittings, estimates and technical specifications

  • Planning of work and management of orders, payment of supplies and monitoring of deliveries

  • Direct management of all stakeholders involved in the project

  • Final cleaning, photo service and complete inventory

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