Tourist/medium-term rental

Do you have one or more properties and want to turn them into income?

Through our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT department, we manage your real estate assets for you from an economic, administrative, fiscal and technical point of view in order to optimise their income. All activities related to the rental of the property, both short and medium term, aimed at optimising profitability, costs and the technical and maintenance level of individual properties, are coordinated through a single interlocutor able to guarantee expediency in processing requests and the security and accessibility of data.

With Domus Rental, we take care of promoting your property, setting prices, providing the complete management of guests, as well as medium-term rentals throughout the entire life of the lease, complying with regulations and achieving profitability while safeguarding assets.

  • Advice on drawing up the property’s profitability plan

  • Single point of contact for all activities relating to tenancy management

  • Activation of the administrative process (switching of utilities, activation of utilities)

  • Organisation, planning and supervision of all routineand extraordinary maintenance activities

  • Comprehensive management of contractual relations and technical/regulatory adjustments

  • Promotion through website with promotion through the main OTAs

  • Promotion management, ad writing and photo shoots

  • Full management of guests, payments and related paperwork

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