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Conca degli Ulivi apartment

Enhancement Project + Domus Property Management
Sabrina contacts us after having had the idea to make an income from the family house on Lake Garda.
In two months the house is completely renovated. After being photographed and promoted on portals, it is ready for the tourist season.


Torri del Benaco

Timescale of works

March/May 2021

Intervention type

Enhancement and home restyling

Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Preparation and presentation of the complete project
  • New air-conditioning system, update of electrical system, and preparation of new declarations of conformity
  • New paintwork, cutting and lacquering of existing doors, laying of new flooring and skirting boards
  • Activation of Internet line, inspection of utilities (electricity, gas, water), building insurance
  • Management of orders and payments for new furnishings and accessories
  • Assembly and staging
  • Professional cleaning at end of works
  • Preparation of ID CARD
  • Functional test and use of the home: one-night stay as “tourists”
  • Photo service and content creation for online posting

Strong points

  1. Planning, coordination, and check of suppliers and all work stages
  2. Management of payments and related invoices
  3. Digital reporting and scheduling of activities according to a defined calendar constantly shared with the owner
  4. 48 days to complete all project phases
  5. The 2022 tourist season reached more than 180 nights booked


After Sabrina decided to make an income from the family property, she turned to Domus to define a strategy to achieve the most effective result in the shortest possible time. Once the strategic analysis had been carried out, and the property’s target audience identified, the complete project was presented to the client and an operational plan was drawn up of the works and interventions needed to make the holiday home appealing to tourists. The works involved both installations of new systems and the supply of new furniture. After all the enhancement activities were completed, a functional test of the house was carried out, simulating a one-night stay like real tourists. Once the test had been passed, the property was photographed and put online for to rent out to tourists.

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