Everything starts with a report, from the property or the Domus team, to our digital management system. The technical team assigns the activity to an operational manager, who proceeds to gather information and carry out any inspections. It will proceed with the selection of the most suitable supplier who will quickly process one or more estimates that the owner can accept. The relationship and management with the suppliers involved in the accepted works will be controlled by the technical team that will take care of the correct planning, management and completion of what has been agreed, in compliance with time and costs (Project management). The execution of the activity phases will be constantly communicated to the owner through digital and photographic reports.
It means identifying the problem, making an inspection, finding the supplier, preparing the quote, checking and completing the work, presenting the report of the work performed to the owner.

The Domus Customer Care department supports our administration in taking charge and completing the required practices. Eg. Utilities management (gas, water, electricity): check the status of the invoices for each individual supplier / entity in order to verify the current situation, contact the entities involved if necessary and complete when requested, updating the owner.
It means taking control of the current situation, contacting all the bodies involved to investigate the situation, gather the necessary information and complete the file.

Surely. We are happy to cooperate with suppliers who know the house.
When we take charge of a new property, we prepare the ID card in which we record the characteristics of the house and insert a mapping of all the main subjects that interface with the house. If integration is required, we are able to provide the best professionals.
It means that for all our customers we take care of collecting, storing and accurately updating data, certifications and paper materials relating to their properties, together with all the information useful for management, in a private online file, which can also be consulted remotely. We collaborate with specialized firms based on the type of work to be done.

Surely. Our contracts are tailor made. We want to create a personalized service package. There are different types of contract, based on the needs and requirements of each individual owner, we tailor the contract that best suits him and his property.

Our contract lasts 1 year or the time necessary to carry out an assignment.

We can manage owners’ properties whether they are first homes, commercial, residential and rented ones, or properties that have been disused for years to be restored.
We reason and advise the owner on the direction to follow in order to make the most of the property.

Property inspection checks are defined by the type of contract (the most requested is every 15/20 days). During these inspections, the house and premises are ventilated, boiler (summer) and air conditioners (winter) functioning check, and functional tests (e.g. alarms, possible hydraulic leaks, state of the walls, check fixtures and entrance doors, control of gardens, control of swimming pools and related technical rooms …) then sending a photograph with possible reports to the owner.

Of course. Before the holiday rental season begins, we proceed with a check-up thanks to our detailed list. The result will be written documentation on the condition of your property and the necessary additions. Thereafter, every year / every 6 months, depending on the chosen service package, we will send a written notice to our owners to recommend a safety and maintenance inspection.
If the owner does not want to worry about it, he can opt for a management contract designed for his rental properties (whether they are single or in the real estate portfolio), entrusting us at Domus with the planning and execution of all the maintenance activities required. be ordinary or extraordinary.
This service can also be selected by owners with long-term rentals in progress for which we can directly manage the relationship with those who occupy the property.

It represents for us the fundamental activity – an online collection of all useful information for management. An element of in-depth knowledge of the house to be presented to new customers and useful internally to know the location of utilities, the type of systems, accesses, appliances, and all the information that can optimize the times of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions.

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