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Residenza ai Vigneti

Domus Consulting - Domus Property
Residenza ai Vigneti is a property that Domus has been managing as accommodation for tourists since 2016. Situated in the hills of Bardolino, in an absolutely peaceful position overlooking the lake and framing it perfectly from above, it has now become a residence with a swimming pool offering tourists a quiet and relaxing stay. Immersed in nature, it is only a stone’s throw away from the beaches and the liveliness of the town centre. Annamaria and her husband have always used this property as a holiday home for their family, choosing to travel in the summer with their children and grandchildren.


Bardolino (VR)

Timescale of works

December / January

Intervention type

Domus Consulting - Domus Property

Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Dismantling and disposal of furniture and accessories to be removed
  • Delivery and assembly of a new table and matching chairs
  • Supply of new beds and mattresses
  • Painting the entire house and varnishing the interior fittings
  • Updating amenities (plates, glasses, pots and pans)
  • Purchase of new paintings
  • Final cleaning service
  • Photographic service

Strong points

  1. Consultancy on earning an income from the property during the weeks when it is not used by the owners
  2. Planning, coordination, and supervision of suppliers and all work phases
  3. Consultancy for the redesigning and home restyling
  4. Management of payments and invoices

Domus as a partner for tourism management

When they thought about the possibility of obtaining an income from the family property during the summer months, the owners contacted Domus to entrust them with the management of the tourist rental. However, in order not to lose the possibility of still being able to enjoy a relaxing break in the hills of Lake Garda, they decided to reserve a few weeks in the summer just for the family, excluding tourists from being able to rent it for this period.

The Domus team takes care of this aspect annually too, i.e. the preparation on behalf of the owners of the holiday home. Family members arriving at the home find the cleaning done and fresh linen and towels ready to use, and when they leave the property, there is a change of linen for all the other guests.

The Property Development Project

At the beginning of 2022, the Domus team proposed a home restyling plan to give the rooms a new look and some freshness.

Home restyling includes all those non-invasive design interventions such as the insertion or replacement of furniture, the redistribution of spaces, and a general touch up to add personality without incurring high costs. For Residenza ai Vigneti, the Domus team proposed a renovation taking a conservative approach by reorganising and replacing some interior and exterior furnishings and transforming existing ones. To give warmth to the rooms, a new colour palette playing with light and bright tones was proposed, and new paintings were placed on the walls. Once the work was completed, we arranged for cleaning to be carried out as well as a photo shoot to promote the residence on the booking portals. The project was concluded meeting all the  objectives and bookings increased by 48%.

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