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Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas

Domus Facility project for B2B
Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas’ needed to outsource the Facility management of its Resort and Villas.
Activation of Domus Facility to take over the complete management of the property.


Gardone Riviera

Timescale of works

6 months

Intervention type

Domus Facility project for B2B

Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Definition of the maintenance plan for the various installations: electrical, plumbing and sanitary, heating and cooling, home automation, video surveillance and alarm, fire protection
  • Digital mapping of installations and suppliers
  • Supervision and organisation of suppliers
  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance of swimming pools
  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance of greenery and garden areas
  • Supervision and maintenance of the Security Service

Strong points

  1. Single point of contact for all activities related to property management, liaising with a team possessing diverse skills and high technical expertise
  2. Managerial approach to facility management activities
  3. In-depth knowledge of a large number of suppliers in the area who can intervene quickly and professionally
  4. More than 20 years’ experience in planning, managing, and constantly supervising activities and managing budgets
  5. Customised digital tools for coordinating requests and interventions, in constant and immediate communication with the customer

Facility Management interventions

Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas is an accommodation complex in the luxury market comprising a resort with boutique hotels, private villas, and exclusive apartments. These residences and futuristic spaces are complemented by communal areas such as the Club House, which brings together the complex’s amenities with a pool lounge, bar, gourmet restaurant, and outdoor green areas.

In 2019, the company that owns the property was looking for an in-house Facility Manager with specific skills in managing articulated technological systems and coordinating all maintenance and management activities for the entire complex.

Domus Management proposed Domus Facility to manage all the Hotel’s activities and installations through its team of experts capable of professionally managing the supplier network and planned operations. After receiving the assignment, a mapping of the facilities, suppliers, and management software already used by the client was drawn up.

Through the Domus Facility division, a dedicated area was created in our management software for digital scheduling, supervision, and reporting of Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas’ activities.

This area is accessible at all times by the staff and management of the property in order to monitor activities and, if necessary, report problems that are then promptly taken care of by our team. The record of all these reports and activities make it possible to create an archive of interventions that constitute important documentation for a successful management.

We then carried out an analysis of all the companies already involved in the management of Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas in order to be able to complete the shortlist of suppliers needed to manage the activities. The organisation and supervision of tenders made it possible, in a short time, to complete a portfolio of local suppliers and professionals able to intervene quickly and competently.

In December 2022 Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas renews, for the fifth year, its collaboration with Domus for Facility Management activities.

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