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Mr. and Mrs. D.’s Villa

After purchasing a property, the owners decided to renovate it to make it more usable and in line with their needs.
The renovation was completed maintaining the architectural style but adapting the building to contemporary trends.



Timescale of works

January 2018 - April 2019

Intervention type


Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Survey of the property
  • Digitisation of the surveys
  • Drafting of an architectural proposal
  • Drawing up of estimates and drafting of the assignment mandates
  • Start of demolition work
  • Installation of new installations (thermal, sanitary, electrical, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Finishing works (laying floors, internal and external plastering, completion of bathrooms and walls)
  • Management of all accounting, preparation of progress reports, payment of invoices
  • Closing of bureaucratic procedures
  • Delivery of the property

Strong points

  1. Ability to communicate effectively with the client in their language to understand and explain their requests
  2. Organisation of the various stages of work
  3. Use of digitised reports and dedicated space within Domus Management to keep the client constantly informed of the work phases
  4. Centralisation of payments in the Domus Management administrative office so as not to have hindrances linked to missed or late payments
  5. Quick carrying out of the work, which was completed in less than 9 months, taking into account the stop of all work from Easter to October as imposed by municipal regulations

The Renovation Works

Herbert and Irene got in touch with Domus Management immediately after purchasing the property from a previous client, Mr. Giuseppe.

After the first appraisal had been carried out and discussions had taken place with the client, the intention was to maintain the distinctive features of the original designer, Arch. Libero Cecchini, but to reinterpret them so as to make the property more usable and in line with the needs expressed by the new owners. The renovation, therefore, maintained the original architectural matrix, while revising the materials, finishes, and installations to make the building more sustainable and bring it in line with contemporary design trends.

In addition to completing the work on the property, Irene and Herbert asked us to reinstate an expired licence for the use of a jetty in front of the house, for bathing purposes. They also made a request for a mooring buoy.

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