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Mr W.’s Villa

Consulting Project + Domus Facility
Mr W. contacts us for professional support for the management and completion of their new house.
The house is completed in 3 months and starts to be used and lived in by the owners.


Marciaga - Costermano

Timescale of works

January 2018 - April 2019

Intervention type


Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Building site Butility bills and Wi-Fi installation
  • Mapping of all the suppliers involved in the construction work (construction company, plumber, electrician) and management of relations
  • Management of orders, deliveries and assembly of furniture (kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms), accessories and household appliances
  • Contracts for the management of the garden, swimming pool and alarm system

Strong points

  1. A entrusted Major Domus as the only interlocutor who groups all inquiries
  2. Planning, coordination and control of suppliers with our operational management, both for the completion of work and for subsequent management
  3. Digital reporting and programming of activities according to a defined calendar, which is constantly shared with the owners
  4. Selection and management of all the professionals needed for the house and the various projects
  5. Invoice control and payment management on behalf of the owners

Completion of the property

Mr W buys a villa still under construction in the hills over Lake Garda, in Marciaga. He decides to contact Domus to get professional support for the completion of the house and, later,to entrust us with the management of the property. The villa is part of a complex of 5 modern villas, all with a garden and a private swimming pool. The work of the Domus team was to first provide advice and then proceed with the completion of the building and its furnishings, all from a distance, with a commitment to complete the work before the summer. In June, W.’s family sees the house for the first time and confirms that they want to continue with the management of the villa in all its aspects, so as to always have a contact person on site to take care of any works or needs with a professional approach.

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