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Oleandro Holiday Apartments

Renovation Project + Domus Consulting
The Puccini Residence was a somewhat dated tourist facility consisting of 11 apartments, small in size, with a common garden and swimming pool.
Renovation and redevelopment of the complex with reorganization into 7 apartments with a garden and swimming pool, ready to be rented.



Timescale of works

February - June 2023

Intervention type

Renovation and redevelopment of real estate

Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Evaluation of the structure to determine the positioning to be given and the necessary works
  • Digitalization of the interior and exterior spaces to quantify costs and activities for the implementation of the entire project
  • Partial demolition stage of the pre-existing structure and evaluation of masonry work
  • Coordination of all interior and exterior masonry works as well as the installation of plumbing and electricals, interior and exterior windows and doors, bathroom fixtures, exterior insulation, sewage works, and set-up for possible installation of solar panels
  • Design and creation of the garden
  • Restoration of the swimming pool
  • Delivery of the renovated tourist complex ready to be placed on the tourist rental market

Strong points

  1. Single technical contact person with engineering and management skills, exclusively dedicated to this project
  2. Realization of a time frame for all site activities
  3. Punctual reporting of the progress of each job collected within the Domus Management software that is always accessible to the client
  4. Centralized management of invoicing and payments so that the client is spared the burden of meeting deadlines that are instead managed by Domus Management
  5. Daily monitoring of construction site stages and constant dialogue with all suppliers on behalf of the client
  6. Adherence to the project schedule

The Strategic Consulting Activity

The project was born out of a desire the company which owns the property had to revitalize the pre-existing tourist facilities, modernizing and upgrading them in terms of energy efficiency and design to meet the needs of Lake Garda tourism.

The project started first with a consultation aimed at determining the best real estate/tourist positioning, the planning of the project management activities, and the quantification of costs with related budget drafting. At a later stage, the necessary works to carried out were identified and the suppliers and companies to be involved were selected.

The Renovation works

In order to monitor the progress of the works being undertaken by the various contractors working on the renovation project, coordinated in its entirety by Domus Management, a timetable divided by the different tasks to be done was created, including the time frame for the various phases. A single contact person with technical and managerial skills was identified with the task of overseeing all the activities carried out on the construction site and liaising with all the suppliers. The works involved the demolition of the existing spaces and the construction of 7 new apartments with larger square footage than the previous ones and more modern equipment, as well as the creation of a new garden and the modernization of the outdoor swimming pool with a solarium, sunbeds, and barbecue area.

The redevelopment of the Residence has allowed for the revitalization of a complex that already existed but did not meet the needs of the target clientele for the Lake Garda tourism market. This was achieved by increasing its value through improvements to the structure using new high-quality materials and efficiency-boosting technologies, which consequently resulted in overall savings in operating costs.

Today, tourists staying at the Oleandro Holiday Apartments enjoy modern apartments with every comfort and a lake view in a picturesque setting thanks to the surrounding mountains and hills.

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