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Turchese Apartment

Domus Consulting - Domus Property
Margarete has been a client of Domus since 2020. Just after buying her first property on Lake Garda, she contacted us with the aim of earning an income from it.
Two years later, at the end of May 2022, she contacted us again to evaluate the opportunity of purchasing a new property and its potential to earn a profit. After a first inspection, we presented a business plan. Having previously collaborated on a project to promote a property, Maragarete immediately asked us for a proposal for the new property as well. The property was purchased and within a few weeks, we started with a complete home restyling project. The owner, although she lives in Germany, was able to supervise all the work, thanks to our digital reports. Since August Turchese Apartment has already been available to book through the online portals.


Torri del Benaco

Timescale of works

June / August 2022

Intervention type

Domus Consulting - Domus Property

Intended use


The various stages of a project

  • Dismantling and disposal of old furniture
  • Installation of air conditioners in the sleeping area
  • Wifi and satellite system
  • Checking boiler functions correctly and ensuring its continued maintenance
  • Interior painting
  • Replacement of interior furnishings (sofa, armchairs, mattresses, single beds)
  • Outfitting of exterior areas (relaxation area, sun loungers/lounge chairs)
  • Selection of existing paintings and integration with new proposals
  • Supervision and implementation of kitchen accessories and equipment (replacement of refrigerator; installation of dishwasher; updating existing kitchen; adding new pots and pans, cutlery, and glasses)
  • Final cleaning service
  • Photographic service

Strong points

  1. Consultancy for property development and subsequent tourism management
  2. Planning, coordination, and supervision of suppliers and all work phases
  3. Consultancy for redesigning and home restyling
  4. Digital reporting of the various work phases with punctual remote updates
  5. Management of payments and related invoices on behalf of the client

The Property Development Project

The strategy shared from the outset was to give the flat brightness. In particular, to try and enhance the private outdoor terrace.

The view of the  shared pool evoked water, instinctively suggesting a selection of furnishings and accessories in soft and warm colours: the colour turquoise, the colour of sand, the brown of natural wood, and rattan. Turquoise is the colour of tranquillity and enduring love; it is made mixing blue and green together; it blends the purifying action of green with the relaxing and refreshing action of blue. A perfect state of mind for this new tourism product by Domus.

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