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Domus Management is the integrated solution for your home that we have been shaping in over 20 years of experience; it represents a managerial approach to property management.

Every activity is organized with a method aimed at continuous improvement and strategic management.
Thanks to the internal work of Easy Management, which combines professional, soft, and hard skills, there are 3 different divisions: FACILITY, RENTAL, AND CONSULTING, which are activated according to your needs.




Domus Facility

degli and maintenance

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Domus Rental

Tourist and short-term

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Domus Consulting

Real estate

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Our philosophy

Our property management philosophy is based on Property Care, a totally new experience in coordinating and scheduling all property-related services.

Domus is your single point of contact. It processes a digital ID Card – a complete documentary collection of the property – and entrusts you with a Major Domus, your single point of contact for property management.

The Major Domus, in your place and on your behalf, will scrupulously oversee all your home’s management, technical, and administrative activities.




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